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Fujifilm update

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year celebration. So here we are back in full swing into the new year with a few things to catch up on.

In the last blog I was telling you all about my switch over from Canon 1Dx to Fujifilm X-T2, Well I have to say I did this switch over in March 2018 and whilst I was going to do a 12 month review things got frantic and I decided that I liked the X-T2 so much that I traded the Canon 1Dx bodies for the newly launched Fujifilm X-T3 !!!! madness really but there was method in my madness. I was no longer using the Canons.

So I now have 2x X-T2, and 2x X-T3 bodies. Extravagant I hear you cry !! yes however I couldn't have done it without the trading in the Canons, also my fiancee who assists me with my weddings now has the use of the X-T2's.

Now I'm not going to bore you with all the details of whats different about the T2 and T3 because .... well you will switch off and I need you here ! But surffice to say that the ergonomics are better (grip) and a few other features ie its quicker. All round its seems a better camera however i thinke the most obvious change it in the video menu and setting plus video performance. I don't tend to use video much as I use my iPhone 8 which is just as quick and easy for intervirews. I may post up some interviews etc this year.

Anyway so thats an update on that and will no doubt post up some more experiences of the Fujifilm gear later in the year.

PS I have discovered a random locking up and freezing which I have spoken to Fujifilm UK about and will update you on that after the 23 Jan when I get to meet head of marketing !

until next time

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