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Fujifilm X Series Convert

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Back in March 2018 after being a Canon Pro user since 1989 I tried the Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless system. I liked it that much I changed over and replaced my Canon Pro kit completely to Fujifilm X-series. I blogged about this recently and said I would report back.

Here is an update..

I loved this kit, it was the flagship of the Canon range. (The tape you can see is just for protection). However as time has moved on, technology has evolved, sensors have improved. Cameras have gone mirrorless, got lighter, lenses sharper,quieter (as have the bodies) and so on. Now this Canon equipment as good as it is has moved on too, Canon 1Dx body (above)is proceeded bythe 1Dx mkii.

I bought my 1Dx bodies in 2014, they had been out a couple of years even then. I was delighted, it was the real deal. Mirrorless is the wildcard in camera technology back then and in its early days of development. I was curious as to how they performed, with no intention to buy! That was to change when in 2016 I bought an X-Pro1 (used) I couldn't afford the X series lenses so bought a couple of old Canon FD lenses from film camera days. This was made possible with the use of an adapter between the lens and body. So I used this for a while and took it on holiday, but didn't use it professionally. It was ideal for holidays and "Street Photography" use however with the X-series lenses it becomes a different animal.

So here it is again.

I have 2 X-T2 bodies a 16-55mm f2.8 X, 50-140mm f2.8, 100-400mm f4.5/5.6

Fuji lenses have proved to be fantastic and although the zoom turns the opposite way to Canon you soon get used to it. I have been really happy with the performance of the camera and jpeg quality, when exposed well they need little editing and are pin sharp. I haven't found that I can't do anything that couldn't do with the Canon 1Dx 18MP. Even though it's a crop sensor and 25MP the loss is minimal.

I have added a battery grip to make the body easier to hold

Fujifilm X-T2 battery grip

If I had to complain it would be that battery life ain't great ! the body holds one battery and the grip holds 2 more. When the grip is used it can be switched on and off. When on, the left battery in the grip will rundown first followed by the right battery then the main battery. I tend to change the left battery in the grip when it goes red in the display telling you it's flat to save doing it when it's too late.

I have 14 of these batteries !

I have done a wedding with these and to be fair I changed 4 batteries

So above shows the housing for the camera battery, then the tray for the grip so at least you don't have to change the camera one first(as would mean removing the grip)

Couple of gripes is that when the camera goes to standby, it is slow to wake up so the answer is ( us Pro's have found) is to switch off the camera when not in use, and as you lift the camera switch it on because it comes to life quicker when switching on than pressing shutter to wake it up. Another gripe is, because I carry the camera so the lens points to the floor when walking around (so it won't hit doorways when you walk through them), the optical view finder adjuster gets moved so image although is in focus, for me I can't see it that way as I wear glasses but look over them when looking through the viewfinder.

Menu's are a bit daunting at first but aren't they always when you first get a new camera. You can set up a "MY Menu" screen so the most frequent adjustments are on one screen.

Overal when you convert to mirrorless you learn to work a different way and just as fast. I particularly like the image once taken) is displayed in the viewfinder so you can adjust on the go rather than be (what we know as) "chimping" all the time and viewing the image on the back of the screen after each shot)

If you are looking at Mirrorless and think it's right for you then hire or borrow one its not at the Pro DSLR stage yet but it's very close. you won't be disappointed.

Fujifilm X-T3 blog to follow

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