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iPhone Weddings

I'll be the first one admit how useful an iPhone is for photography ! but not for wedding photos. I've used mine for all sorts of images mainly street photography, I just dont get the level of control with an iPhone. However that said when the guests contribute to your offical photos so it can be a nice addition. The photographer can't be evrywhere or allowed to move around in some weddings as the vicar has been upset with those that are shooting the wedding as a friend, brother,sister,uncle etc so not knowing the protocal which will ruin it for all photographers including professionals thereafter.

I agree that wedding photos can take up a big part of your wedding budget, however I defy anyone to tell you that on their wedding day they remember the event from start to finish. It's a busy day people faffing, rushing around like hearding cats ! Yes there are the budding amateures getting in the way, missing important shots, pictures that dont tell a story an so on. Granted there are the up and coming gifted photographers, but do they have the answers when the light is too dark, group shots need organising so they look right ? and so on.

Shooting a wedding is not liked by all photographers as it's "too stressful" !? If you know what you are doing you should be able to plan ahead and cater for what is presented to you. I always spend time with the couple before a wedding unless it's just not possible. That way you can get to know them, reassure you will be there for them. It's the photographers job to get the best pictures possible for the client.

The whole wedding event is a story and someones fairytale, the day they have dreamed of and it's up to the photographer to record it. Weather is the only thing that you can't control. A wedding photographer will see pictures and have pictures in mind to take in advance plus the impulse ones that are in front of them during the day. So you are an observer constantly looking for a picture.

The images on this blog are all of weddings I have been commissioned to attend. I'd be a liar if I wasn't nervous before the big day, having said that it keeps you on your toes and not to lose sight of the importance of what you are about to undertake. Once I have started taking the bride getting ready pics I'm happy and can get into the mindset of what I need and want. I then settle down and begin to enjoy the day along with everyone else.

So with the popularity of mobile phones being used during a wedding by the guests just spare a thought for the photographer who has been asked to record the couples wedding costing them a small fortune that when they come down the isle that you don't hold the phone in the way or stand in the way ruining the paid photographers job making it harder to do.

You can by all means use your phones for taking your wedding pics on and yes you capture a shot the paid snapper didn't get but bear in mind he/she probably wasn't looking for that shot anyway.

Enjoy taking the photos....... it's a journey, weddings are for all to enjoy.

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