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Just a quick one

Hi all well finally the #blog has started !

In March I started using #Fujifilm #X-Series full time instead my #Canon1Dx I did a quick blog on #Wordpress so here it is.

I have read so many good reviews on the Fujufilm X system. Mirrorless for me has been an up n down affair. I bought an #

X-Pro1 2 years ago, which I have to say I love to use however I'm using Canon FD film lenses. So the whole set up is manual. I'm traditionally a Canon user, I have used Canon since 1985 so I've gone through a few different bodies.  Since 2014 until now I've been using a 1Dx or 2 ! But now thats all about to change.

The journey of Fujifilm mirrorless begins here. As an independent  professional photographer the tools are important but they are just tools, and thats another blog ! I opted for 16-55mm and 55-140mm lenses plus grips for each body.

The system does take some time getting used to with all the menus but like all new gear its a matter of finding your way round them. So stick with it. I'm using one body with a wide zoom which is my go to set up. I've changed the button configuration so the rear dial is the back button focus which for me just works.

Same button set up for the other body only with a 55-140mm zoom

Optics are pin sharp and recommend the glass. The main reason for the change from the Canon bodies is the weight. The bodies and lenses are considerably lighter than the Canon pro DSLR's also I can use a smaller bag to carry them in.

The rear of the body (for the right hand). The dial in the top centre also pushes in, so makes this the ideal button to use for back button focus and positioned well for your thumb. also shown is the menu button, joystick, AE-L, AF-L, Q button, Display button. So a lot going on there which drives all the other displays and menu's.

Furthest dial above the AE-L is for the metering selection and shutter speed dial, then the, shutter button plus Exp comp dials, all very tactile and bigger than the X-T1.

Close up of the left side of the camera is the ISO dial.

The tiltable screen is really useful tilting up down and sideways its a work of art. Love it.

With the shutter button its kind of retro where you can screw in a soft button which is great as its very sensitive plus it raises the height of the button too.

So even with the power grip which adds 2 more batteries to the sinle camera battery and boosts the power. However now that most things are electric we use, lasting power is a premium so if you are shooting and event/wedding you can soon get low on power. A hand full of batteries need charging I also have 2 double chargers too !

And finally the little flash that comes with the body. I've not used it in anger but it works ok. I dont use a lot of on camera flash but when I do its normally off the camera or side mounted.

So as I said this id the start of a beautiful friendship .......or is it ? will they be what I want them to be ? Time will tell.

Manufacturer description: The Fujifilm X-T2 is the company's enthusiast SLR-style mirrorless camera. It features a 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor and the company's latest image processor (X-Processor Pro). The rugged magnesium alloy body is sealed against dust and moisture and has a unique articulating LCD as well as a large, high resolution EVF. The AF system has been greatly improved upon since the X-T1 and had 325 total focus points, 169 of which are phase-detect, as well as a higher readout speed. The camera has the full suite of Fujifilm's Film Simulation Modes, including the latest, ACROS. It can also capture 4K video, a first for the company. An available battery grip triples battery life and also improve burst speeds, reduces shutter lag/blackout times, and 'boosts' 4K recording time to 30 minutes.

Until next time.

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