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Never Miss an Opportunity

People it's #FRIDAY !!! So I wanted to show all you budding photographers that there is always a photo opportunity whereever you are, just try to be creative.

Wednesday I was in COSTÀ Coffee in Crowborough, East Sussex and had some time to kill, so I got out my iPhone and decided to have a play. Its not always what you take it's how, so angles, colour or B&W, and how you crop ....but see it first in your mind!! the key is seeing the photo first then try to get what you want.

Try it over the weekend and give me some feedback📸☕️🍻🍕

So how do you see things? change a simple photo... from this to this !

Another example what do you think? I saw the colour one's but wanted the B&W image

My parting shot as I had call so I had to leave. The image says I've finished and I'm off.

Have fun and give me some examples of what you did over the weekend.

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