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So where have I been ?

Last October I got out the motorbike and became a voluteer blood biker. This meant delivering blood from hospitals locally and up into London at the weekends, riding through the night and during the winter was tough however it got me thinking. So in February I gave it up as was quite costly to fund myself unless you had a sponser and in May I made a desicion..... I was going to take a sabaticle from my day job and do something different, when you are self employed you are free to do such things.

I bought an ex MET Police bike which was a bargain and gave it some TLC and got it ready for the long road ahead.

Brexit has been a major issue for many businesses and many clients whether it be wedding, PR etc are holding back as they don't know what to do with their businesses. Wedding couples seem to want to wait and get that 2020 on the wedding invites. It has been getting harder to attract new business, so for me I've taken a swerve and started working for a friend with his courier business part time. I've also started working towards my Advanced Motorcycle Riders course.

In and out of London and riding some long haul journeys during the summer months what could be better when the sun is shining. I have always wanted to work in London. I have done a few jobs in the past like in Downing Street and some corporate work. However to get under the skin of London was a fantastic opportunity and get into places delivering legal documents and small parcels, it ain't rocket science. But enjoyable none the less even in the rain and not bad pay !!!

So I have been combining some picture taking from the early morning to the evenings which I wouldn't have done working locally. For now as we head into the winter months it gets harder and colder but thats the deal.

I'm still shooting to order so I'm still in the frame !

Roll on Spring 2020

Thanks for dropping by.


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