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Working with Covid-19

I like many people over the last 3-4 months have been dealing with lockdown, no work, no prospect of work. Well last year fortunately I made the decision to work as a part time Courier. It all started because I was a volunteer Blood Biker for 6 months the year before over the winter so was on call over night. I loved being a volunteer. I then thought what could I do using my bike to earn some money as work was very quiet. Then I started the Courier work. Roll 10 months and the Covid-19 broke out so I became a "Keyworker" without trying. I continued to work through Lockdown putting the photography business to one side. I was using my phone instead to take photos especially when up in London and then posting on my IG account which is grantmeltonphotography. The work (small parcels & legal documents) was really busy in and out of London 2 to 3 times a day, then the work dropped off however I did get a few longhaul runs to Cardiff, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Dorset. It has kept me sane and I'm still at it, even though the school holidays has slowed it all down again. So in those downtimes I brushed up on my saxophone interest. Who knows what the future brings, certainly the world sadly has lost some great people. We will never return to work like we did before the pandemic. The world has rebooted and slowed down. Of course this is only how I see the world and only my opinion.

Let's see what the next few months bring.

Stay safe everyone. I'm still photographer so still looking to get back behind the camera.

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